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Tree Safety Assessment


If you have any concerns regarding a tree on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact Your Branch Manager. Peter Mckelvey is available to visit your property at no charge and will undertake a tree safety assessment of your tree/s. Any conditions of poor health, die back, or poor structural conditions including decay, termite hollowing, previous storm damage and bifurcated branches or leaders with bark inclusion will be observed & recorded.

Aerial Inspection

Large trees might require ascending with rope climbing methods to allow for closer viewing of a possible weakness in the tree.

With the knowledge from tree safety assessments, Peter will provide advice and a detailed quote if required, regarding the necessary arborist’s pruning & surgery works  required to remove the structural defects in your tree/s and to encourage  improved health, structural integrity and safety.

The pruning & surgery techniques that are frequently used include:

  • Dead wooding – removal of dead branches and die back.

  • Correctional  - removal or reduction of  bifurcated branches & leaders with included bark, termite hollowing and structurally weak branches.

  • Directional Pruning  - Removal of hazardous over hanging branches.

  • Canopy Thinning –  Reduces wind loading and shade.

  • Canopy Reduction - Weight Load Reduction.

  • Canopy Lifting –  improves driveway and pedestrian access.

When a hazardous tree has a moderate to high risk of failure, if there are no practical options available to establish a condition of safety in the tree, it’s removal will be recommended.

When do my Trees Need a Safety Assessment

The need for a tree assessment will vary depending on a trees health, structural condition, age, species, location, recent storms and previous pruning works. 

I’m sure you notice things about your trees that others don’t and you’re probably better aware of their normal growth habits during the seasons and perhaps you have noticed when their health and or structure might be of concern. If ever you’re unsure or become concerned about your tree/s feel welcome to call Your Branch Manager and Peter will arrange to meet you onsite to assess your trees.

As a duty of care, the owners of rented properties should engage the services of a professional arborist to provide a Tree Safety Assessment or Tree Risk Assessment for the large trees on the property, every 3 to 4years, depending on the structural condition and health of the trees.