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Welcome to Your Branch Manager 

Trees can be a wonderful benefit and asset to your property, providing shelter, shade and beauty. 

With our extensive knowledge and experience as arborists, orchardists and tree surgeons, we are able to advise our clients on every aspect of the needs of your trees.

Your Branch Manager, Peter Mckelvey is always available to advise regarding the health, structural condition, potential hazards and options available to address any issues.

We will let you know whether selective/corrective pruning is sufficient or total removal is advisable. In either case, our experienced team use specialist equipment so the operation may be carried out efficiently and safely.

All tree pruning provided by Your Branch Manager will be in accordance with Australian Standards for the Pruning of Amenity Trees AS 4373-2007.

GCCC approval will occasionally be required before removal of a tree can take place. We can advise if this will be the case and help you through the process of applying to the Gold Coast Council for this approval.

QUOTE OR CONSULTATION. For an obligation free consultation and/or quote, contact Your Branch Manager, Peter Mckelvey. You will find our prices very competitive. 



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Peter Mckelvey, 27 years experience in the Arborist Industry, including contracts with:

  • Gold Coast City Council

  • QLD National Parks

  • Dept. of Main Roads

  • Q Build

Member: QAA, ISA & Dip Hort

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Tree Removal Gold Coast

Professional Tree Removal Services on the Gold Coast

There are times when trees have established in an unsuitable location or a tree’s poor health or structural condition renders the tree as hazardous to your property & family. 

Although it is our ambition as qualified arborists to consider the pruning methods that could eliminate the dangers in trees, as a matter of safety, the removal of some trees is warranted.

If ever you become concerned of any tree/s on your property, the owner of the company Peter Mckelvey is always available to provide his professional advice regarding the health, structural condition, potential hazards and the options available to address any concerns.

With our specialised equipment and vast experience in tree removal, the team from Your Branch Manager can remove trees of any size, condition from difficult locations.

Is a GCCC Application required for tree removal?

If you are not sure if you need to lodge an application with the Gold Coast Council to remove a particular tree , Your Branch Manager will help you through this process.

Safe Methods of Tree Removal 

To ensure safe and affordable tree removal, each of the safe methods of tree removal are considered.  Fortunately, time has proven that the safest method is most often the most affordable.

Tree Felling 

Where space allows, the felling of a tree from ground can be achieved with considerable savings in time and cost. This method requires a high level of experience, judgement, and when necessary a directional aid (the cable winch as seen in the photo)


Cranes are utilised where space is limited or where the poor structural condition of the tree prevents the safe use of lowering methods.

When wild life is in a dangerous tree that has to be removed, the use of a crane is ideal. Hollowed branches that are known to harbour wild life, will be secured to the crane and carefully lowered to the ground to avoid any risk of injury to the wild life.

Wild Care will always volunteer their services to ensure the wild life is provided the necessary post rescue care before the wild life is relocated to suitable location.

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Tree Pruning Gold Coast

Professional Tree Pruning/Trimming Services Gold Coast

Pruning is about improving the safety, health, function ability, beauty & longevity of your trees. Your Branch Manager is aware of and respects the prominent growth habits of most of the tree species grown on the Gold Coast. This allows our qualified tree climbing arborists to remove any weak and hazardous conditions from your trees, in ways that will promote reliable sound growth of good structural integrity and encourage the natural grace and beauty of your trees.

All tree pruning that is provided by Your Branch Manager will be in accordance with Australian Standards for the Pruning of Amenity Trees AS 4373-2007

Corrective Pruning to remove dead & misdirected branches

Although our qualified arborists will normally establish a better understanding of the tree that they are climbing than when pruning from a cherry picker, we do use an EWP as a matter of safety if the tree is infested with European bees or wasps.

Removal of hazardous branches

As poor structural habits are common in some species of trees on the Gold Coast, it is recommended that your trees are assessed by a qualified arborist during the establishment and throughout the maturity of your trees.

A Tree Safety Assessment will assist in in identifying the need for tree pruning.

Peter Mckelvey is available to visit your property at no charge and will undertake a tree safety assessment of your tree/s. Any conditions of poor health, decay, termite hollowing, previous storm damage and bifurcated branches or codominant leaders with included bark will be observed & recorded.

 Large trees might require ascending with rope climbing methods to more closely view a possible weakness in the tree.

With the knowledge known from the tree safety assessments, details of the corrective pruning that isrequired by a qualified tree climbing arborist will be provided for each of the trees that are in need of pruning.

When a hazardous tree of a moderate to high risk of failure is identified, if there are no practical options available to establish a condition of safety, removal of the will be recommended.

Pruning for Safety                                                                                                    

  • Pruning of termite hollowed branches.

  • Pruning of dead, diseased and damaged branches.

  • Canopy thinning to reduce wind load & the risk of branch failure.

  • Pruning of bifurcated trunks, leaders & branches with included bark.

  • Pruning of branches overhanging driveways, pathways & building.

Pruning to remove dead, damaged and decaying branches

Pruning for the Beauty of Your Trees & Property 

  • Canopy thinning to reduce heavy shading. 

  • Pruning of misdirected crossing/rubbing branches.

  • Pruning in harmony with each tree, to promote its natural symmetry.

Directional pruning to remove the branches that are over hanging, close to and growing towards the house and pool.

When do my Trees need Pruning ?

As a matter of safety it is common that trees will require some corrective pruning every 3 to 5 years, but this will depend on the trees structural condition, health, age, species, location and exposure to wind.

The best time to prune your trees is any time you think it is appropriate  

If you are uncertain if your trees need pruning, please contact Your Branch Manager to arrange for Peter visit your property and if of help a Tree Safety Assessment will be provided at no cost to you. This will make clear, the need and the priority of any pruning that might be considered.

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Tree Surgeon Gold Coast

Professional Tree Surgeons Gold Coast

As qualified tree climbing arborists, our surgeons are always mindful to identify any poor structural conditions in a tree that will compromise the tree’s structural integrity and safety. 

Our tree surgeons will use precise pruning techniques to remove any condition/s of weakness from trees, making the final cut back to the branch collar where the tree will be best able to compartmentalise to prevent the entry of decay or the establishment of dangerous epicormic regrowth.

Our tree surgery does not make use of chemical insecticides or pesticides, as they are not often practical to apply on residential properties and there effects are often short lived.

We encourage the good health of a tree to be it’s best line of defence. As the health of trees starts from the ground, we encourage the use of mulch, compost  and organic fertilisers to improve the soil environment and tree health.

Tree Surgery for Mangoes 

Mango trees on the Gold Coast are prone the diseases of Anthracnose and Bacterial Black Spot. These fungal & bacterial diseases will first establish on the old leaves where the leaf canopy if thick and aeration is poor. These diseases will often spread to the ripening fruit.


Symptoms on leaves- spots form commonly towards the margins, tan to dark brown in colour, often with a darker border.

Symptoms on fruits– slightly depressed grey black areas in the skin on ripening fruit, often rendering the fruit inedible.

Bacterial Black Spot

Symptoms on the leaves– black raised spotsthat tend to be angular in shape as they are limited by the larger veins. 

Symptoms on fruits– black scabby spots are formed and open with star shaped cracks with water soaked margins, rendering the fruit inedible.

Chemical ControlIn orchards the diseases are often managed with the frequent spraying of Mancozeb from flowering to harvest and Copper Oxychloride from flowering to fruit set.

As the frequent spraying on a residential property is impractical for many reasons, the tree surgeons of Your Branch Manager approaches the control of these diseases in a more holistic way.

Selective pruning controls Disease in Mangos 

When left unpruned, the dense canopy of a mango tree will be prone to a bacterial & a fungal disease that establishes on the leaves & fruit. To control the diseases the tree surgeons of Your Branch Manager will remove some the taller upper canopy and will provide a suitable canopy thinning. With the improved aeration & light penetration, the opportunity for disease establishment has become less favourable and the incidence of anthracnose and bacterial black spot will decline.   

The added benefits of this pruning method, is improved flowering and fruit set throughout the lower canopy of the tree, where the fruits can be more easily picked.


Tree Lopping Gold Coast

Professional Tree Lopping Services Gold Coast

Lopping is a term that has been used extensively in the tree industry for a very long time and has a broad scope of meanings. 

If you require tree lopping on your property, please contact Your Branch Manager and we will arrange for Peter to meet you on site to consider the results you want to achieve with your intended lopping.

As specialists in the tree care industry, our services will provide for the immediate and long term benefits including improved health, safety, beauty,function ability & the longevityof your trees. 



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