As the Gold Coast will at times be exposed to severe storms, it is important that we are adequately prepared for the damaging force of these storms.  Although trees have a remarkable ability to withstand the extreme loading of violent storms, there will be trees that will suffer severe damage and in some cases trees that are blown over, may cause serious damage to a house and put the family inside at risk.

During my storm response work on the Gold Coast, it has become very apparent as to the cause of the partial or complete tree failures. Storms damage to trees is very discriminatory, it is almost isolated to the trees of structural weaknesses:-  bifurcated leaders & branches with included bark, severe termite hollowing and/or decay.

Please don’t underestimate the threat of your tree during storms. Not only are storms a threat to your trees, but a tree failure can be a very real threat to your family & your property. 

Preparing For Storms

Having worked in the arborist industry for longer than 26yrs, it is normally very apparent to realise the structural weakness in a tree that had caused its failure. Our knowledge and experience of trees and storms, enables us to identify a weakness that makes or will in time make the tree vulnerable to failure. Fortunately many of these hazardous conditions can be effectively removed by our qualified tree climbing arborists when the appropriate methods of tree surgery are provided (depending on the health & structural condition of the tree).

If you have any tree concerns regarding the summer storms at your property this year, trust your intuition and contact Your Branch Manager to arrange for Peter Mckelvey to provide a free Tree Safety Assessment.

As a duty of care, the owners of rented properties should engage the services of a professional arborist to provide a Tree Safety Assessment or Tree Risk Assessment for the large trees on the property, every 3 to 4years depending on the structural condition and health of the significant trees.