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Tree Removal Gold Coast

Professional Tree Removal Services on the Gold Coast

There are times when trees have established in an unsuitable location or a tree’s poor health or structural condition renders the tree as hazardous to your property & family. 

Although it is our ambition as qualified arborists to consider the pruning methods that could eliminate the dangers in trees, as a matter of safety, the removal of some trees is warranted.

If ever you become concerned of any tree/s on your property, the owner of the company Peter Mckelvey is always available to provide his professional advice regarding the health, structural condition, potential hazards and the options available to address any concerns.

With our specialised equipment and vast experience in tree removal, the team from Your Branch Manager can remove trees of any size, condition from difficult locations.

Is a GCCC Application required for tree removal?

If you are not sure if you need to lodge an application with the Gold Coast Council to remove a particular tree , Your Branch Manager will help you through this process.

Safe Methods of Tree Removal 

To ensure safe and affordable tree removal, each of the safe methods of tree removal are considered.  Fortunately, time has proven that the safest method is most often the most affordable.

Tree Felling 

Where space allows, the felling of a tree from ground can be achieved with considerable savings in time and cost. This method requires a high level of experience, judgement, and when necessary a directional aid (the cable winch as seen in the photo)


Cranes are utilised where space is limited or where the poor structural condition of the tree prevents the safe use of lowering methods.

When wild life is in a dangerous tree that has to be removed, the use of a crane is ideal. Hollowed branches that are known to harbour wild life, will be secured to the crane and carefully lowered to the ground to avoid any risk of injury to the wild life.

Wild Care will always volunteer their services to ensure the wild life is provided the necessary post rescue care before the wild life is relocated to suitable location.